Projects we lead

                          2021.09731.CPCA: “Structure-based database screening to support decision-making for endocrine disruptor identification
                          HPC resources: 27000 CPU.core.hours + 3000 GPU.hours
                     Date: 2022-2023


                     PTDC/BIA-BFS/28419/2017: “Deal with PAINS: strategies to identify membrane modulators”
                     Budget: 235.111,50 euros;
                     Date: 2018-2022


                    BioISI Projects 2023: “Unveiling metabolic regulation by non-enzymatic post-translational modifications using a combination of computational and experimental methodologies”
                     Budget: 5.000 Euros
                     Date: 2023


                    BioISI Projects 2020: “Multidisciplinary approach to study post-translational modifications in metabolic enzymes”
                     Budget: 10.000 Euros
                     Date: 2020-2021


Projects where we participate

                    PTDC/BIA-BQM/2599/2021: “Exploring respiratory proteins from human bacterial pathogens”; Date: 2022-2025
                    PTDC/MED-QUI/29036/2017: “Targeting multi-resistant tuberculosis with new potent isoniazid derivatives: an integrated medicinal chemistry approach”; Date: 2018-2022
                    PTDC/QUI-QFI/28455/2017: “Uncovering blind spots in halogen bonding applications”; Date: 2018-2022


                    Fellowship Dr. Aguinaldo Cabral from Sociedade Portuguesa Doenças Metabólicas (SPDM):
                    “Improve management of MADD patients: a curated database with clinical, molecular and cellular information”.